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I personally think Batman Forever is easily the best Batman movie to the pre-Nolan movies and thats because of what you mention.Thats the thing that sucked about those god awful Burton Batman movies is the villains had the majority of the screentime and Batman was just a supporting character.

Thats just ONE of the major problems with those movies.Thats okay for a television episiode but not for a movie for crying out loud.A movie is a special case.They spent so much time on the character of the Joker you never understood why he faught crime or why he dressed up like a bat.

Batman Forever they finally explained it all and were able to since it was mostly about Batman.I loved the special effects much better than the Burton Batman films as well.For me,Batman Forever is the only pre-Nolan Batman movie I will watch.As I said before,I thought Kilmer made a much better Bruce wayne than Keaton did.Keaton was so miscast in that role.Also like i said before,I think it gets a very unfair bad rap because of how Schumacher ruined Batman and Robin.He went overboard on that movie.That one is easily the worst of the bunch.

IMHO, I think batman forever was a huge step backward for the batman films. It's literally a de-evolution: taking batman back to the hokey/cheesy tone that defined the Adam West batman. Everything, right down to the set design and costumes, was like a cartoon. Though steeped in fantasy, Burton was able to achieve a more serious/dark tone for Batman, which was something that hadn't been brought to the film franchise before. For me, Keaton was so intimidating and uncompromising as Batman that hearing Val Kilmer's first words in Batman Forever back in 94 caused me to respond with the child's equivalent of "WTF?" response to Alfred's question about eating dinner before fighting crime he actually responds, "I'll get drive-thru." Good grief...
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