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Obvsiously this is personal choise.. [edit]

What is your favourite Lyric or Lyrics?
while the question is worthy , i find some of the answers pretty negligible.

you can [quote] all you want but without an explanation , doesn't mean much.

And since i QQ , i'll give you my answer

1. Placebo - Haemoglobin

I was hanging from a tree
Unaccustomed to such violence
Jesus looking down on me
I'm prepared for one big silence

How'd I ever end up here
Must be through some lack of kindness
And it seemed to dawn on me
Haemoglobin is the key

Haemoglobin is the key
To a healthy heart beat
Haemoglobin is the key
To a healthy heart beat

Whenever life deals me a big blow , this song reminds me that whatever doesn't kill you only make you stronger.

2. Death - Suicide Machine

Controlling their lives
Deciding when and how they will die
A victim of someone else's choice
The ones who suffer have no voice
Manipulating destiny
When it comes to living, no one seems to care
But when it comes to wanting out
Those with power, will be there
Prolong the pain
How long will it last?
Suicide machine
A request to die with dignity
Is that too much to ask?
Suicide machine

Euthanasia is always a touchy subject and often conflicting with the medical Hippocrat "do no harm" oath . But whenever i get to this point , i really don't want to be living on machines for 5 years.

Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
2 versions : Video edit of original version or Accoustic version

Here I sit and watch my world come crumbling down
I cry for help but no one's around
Silently screaming I bang my head against the wall
It seems like no one cares at all
Always an emotion, but how can I explain
How can I explain
Kind of like the scent of a rose
With words I can't explain
The same with my pain
Caught up in emotion-Goes over my head
Goes over my head
Sometimes I got to think to myself is this life or death
Am I living or am I dead
The clock keeps ticking but nothing else seems to change
Problems never solved, just rearranged
And when I think about all the times that I've had
So few good-So many bad
I search for personality and I look for things I can not see

Love and peace flash through my mind
Pain and hate are all I find
Find no hope in nothing new
Never had a dream come true
Lies and hate and agony
Through my eyes that's all I see
If I'm gonna cry
Will you wipe away my tears?
If I'm gonna die
Lord please take away my fear
Before I drown in sorrow
Last thing that I'll say
How will I laugh tomorrow
If I can't even smile today
Today today--when I can't even smile today
Today today--when I can't even smile today
How will I laugh tomorrow--when I can't even smile today
How will I laugh tomorrow--when I can't even smile today

Everybody has shitty day .... this song not only acknowledges it but also give a glimpse that the future is not that dark. Shit happens , deal with it , everything will be fine. The band is called Suicidal Tendencies but that's a big misnomer since most of their song are about making the best of whatever curveball Life throws at you.
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