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I thought it had alot of good redeeming factors. The movie is just very misunderstood. Or maybe it's just my love for Green Lantern that is making me see something great that all the non-fans aren't seeing.
I don't think it was misunderstood, I think people just have lower tolerance for shitty comic book movies. And I apologize, Green Lantern had one redeeming factor and that was Mark Strong as Sinestro, though, he was terribly underused. I don't want to make this a Green Lantern argument in a Superman' thread, but I think Green Lantern could learn a lot from Superman since they're partially similar with the whole person feeling alone in a strange world that doesn't necessarily want them. I think if the Green Lantern wasn't compared to things like Star Wars during production, I wouldn't have had such high expectations. Unfortunately, I felt like I wasted an hour and a half and $10 on a movie I could have easily waited for to come on late night tv.
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