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Payback: Director's Cut (1999)

After seeing both films almost back to back I can easily say that, surprisingly, the original theatrical version for me is the better or most enjoyable.

There is actually a huge difference between the two films as most was re-shot for the cinematic release and changed completely. This director's cut goes back to a slightly darker approach and omits Kris Kristofferson as 'Bronson' completely and merely has a female voice (sounded like Kathleen Turner) in place, the first 15min or so is radically different and uses allot of flashbacks which were used as solid story for the cinematic version, 'Porter' doesn't kidnap 'Bronson's' son anymore because we don't even see 'Bronson' now and the ending is also completely different.

I don't like the way this was put together and I'm glad they went with the version they did, the story isn't as clear in this cut, not seeing 'Bronson' doesn't really work in my opinion as you don't really get a feel for just a voice and the ending is really quite an anti climax that cuts off flat with no real feeling of retribution served, most of bad guys live!! you feel almost cheated out of some kick ass.

The director's cut is a more sombre affair basically, slightly darker and with less pizazz, of course had we gotten this version instead I would probably be saying the version we all know is too in your face and not as subtle but we didn't so it is how it is.

Almost disjoined if that's possible for a director's cut and simply not as fun or satisfying as the theatrical version, its worth seeing out of curiosity but I didn't gel with it, plus they cut some of the dominatrix scenes with the gorgeous Lucy Liu as 'Pearl'...hell no!!