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Hey Bondgirl.

Living on the east coast of NSW, bikies are everywhere. The shit really has hit the fan recently.

Gun violence was very minimal, but like you said, recently it's just exploded. I'm glad I hate King's Cross and haven't gone there for ages! Thing is though, it's not just King's Cross any more either.

Police need more powers in my opinion.
Well l live in the lower part of Victoia and we get bikies here every summer because we are close to the beach and pubs

They havent bothered us yet but they are noisy buggers
I know there was one incident when was taking a walk in the main street and this bikie started to walk up to me and another bikie told him to stop it
Not sure what he was up too but l was glad the other guy said something

On the Gold coast this bikie decided to go into a crowded shopping centre and got his gun out and shot two people

he was arrested two days ago he was only 26

I just dont understand why the bikies are wanting to shot in shopping centres now and one day we will have more than two people killed

Hopefully the police will soon get control of these gangs Australia has never been so bad at this moment
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