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Hey GOW. I can't give you the facts because I haven't played it on the XBOX 360 (I own both systems, but I picked it up for the PS3).

However, there are a few reasons I picked it up for the PS3. Yes, it is definitely true that 75% of the time, the XBOX 360 version of third-party games is better than the PS3 version. However, DICE themselves said just prior to the release of BF3 that they felt the PS3 version was the superior of the two. Additionally, several critic reviews and (a site dedicated to XBOX 360 vs. PS3 console wars) gave the upper hand to the PS3 version. Granted, this is little stuff like load times and screen tearing that makes the difference, but for those hardcore frame rate junkies, the PS3 version (prior to the various patches issued) was deemed superior by multiple parties.

As someone who owns BF3 and spends more time with it than he does his girlfriend (okay, I'm not being literal here, but I'm a BF3 fan), I can say that I've experienced very little in the way of complications and bugs with the PS3 version. The game looks outstanding on console, even if it is far from par with the PC version. I also like not having to pay for online play, but that’s a different topic. In my experience, there are quite a few servers for the PS3 edition and I never have trouble finding a match (for instance, you can specify a certain match type and map on the matchmaking screen when playing BF3 online and I ALWAYS find a match right away, no matter what map or mode I'm in the mood for). But of COURSE there will be more 360 servers as more gamers own 360 consoles than PS3 consoles.

Really, it's all about what you want. If you are gonna play the shit out of that game with your buddy on Xbox, then go for it. But most of my friends are busy with life all the time anyway and we hardly get to see each other outside of work/school/significant others, let alone play online together. So, I just play my PS3 version when I can.

BUTTTTT... if you truly want THE superior version of Battlefield 3, and I know you don't want to hear this, you should pick it up for the PC. (Yeah, I'm a comma splice addict, so suck it) It's a BEAST on the PC with 64 player battles.
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