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Bill Burr is hilarious. This clip is old. I can't really remember what it's about because I didn't watch it. That is all.
I live in the Philly market and I am from the NY market and I use his material all the time. This is way over 5 years old. EVERY word is 100% true. The story is the crowd was booing everyone off stage and when they booed this guy, he went off. He counts down the minutes, because he was not leaving. This will be written about years from now and comedy legend.

The first time I heard it I could not stop laughing. O and A are the best. 55 gallon challenge is the greatest stunt ever. I was listening their last day on NY radio.

Philly people are so stupid despite all the colleges that only people from out of the area go to. They are so devoted to sports teams that lose. Fuck the Phillies and how they will lose again this year. Eagles bought their way to no playoffs and Vick sucks ass. Giants won the Super Bowl and bought no one! Flyers choke yearly! Go Devils. 3 Cups baby! 76ers do and have always sucked since Dr J left. Fuck these philly cheesecake fat ass losers. I feel better now

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