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@ Bondgirl

That Gold Coast incident was crazy! Audacity to the max!

It's all over Australia at the moment. Ever since that bikie member was killed at Sydney airport, the whole situation has escalated. Every day here, something new happens.

I work part time in a bar when I'm not at Uni, and police want bar workers to stop bikies from entering an establishment if they wear their I'm going to tell a gang "Excuse me guys, could you please take off your vests? There's some good lads." I'll get my head kicked in!

@ Exophrine

"The Bikini War In Australia" would be SO much better!

@ DaveyJoeG

There are hundreds of motorcycle gangs in Australia. They get up to lots and lots of nasty business deals and at the moment they're causing mayhem by gunning each other down in public and crowded places. Everyday people are in the firing line.
Well at least l have another aussie who is in agreement with me

it isnt a joke the Bikie war is getting bad in Aus and it is not just centred in one state it is everywhere

i wouldnt like your job of telling thses people to remove there jackets

maybe they need the police to stand at the hotels door and let them do this instead of hotel workers

I was watching a series which was about Bikie gangs and they said there are overseas gangs jionig aussie gangs maybe that is why things are getting volient

I just hate it when people who are just out and about get hurt by these people
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