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but I think people will forget about this similar to how they did with Iron Man after The Dark Knight came out.
I thought Iron Man far surpassed TDK. Most of my friends who aren't really comic or movie buffs tend to prefer Iron Man over TDK as well. I think it's a little strange, and ironic that the way you and Oh-Dae-so feel is about exactly how I felt about TDK. It was a meh for me, and the hype was just frustrating. I will never fully understand the dark night hype, the films to me are mediocre and nothing more. Obviously they mean a lot more to some of you which is awesome.

I think what bothered me about TDK is how many people were calling it an amazing film, and a cinematic achievement. I think most of us can agree it is not those things. Avengers on the other hand people are just calling it fun. Nobody is making it as the greatest film of the decade or anything like that. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we're all just really happy with how much fun the movie was.

I am a little disappointed that you would be willing to lower your own rating for a movie simply because of other peoples enjoyment and hype about it. I don't totally believe that you'd do that either after watching you post for a few years. I think that's more reactionary than anything. Initially I wanted to give TDK a 3 just because listening to all the fanboys was infuriating. I hope you will move passed that and just enjoy the flick.
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