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The Box-Office Movie of The Year

Just had to put in the hotness in there


I know some people will disagree when I say that this movie had no flaw THAT I would see because for me it was a lot of fun to watch this characters interact and the dialogue was witty too. Yes the 3rd act (as someone mention in another thread) look like Dark of (Bay) Moon but I also think THAT is how Dark of (Bay) Moon SHOULD have been. Everyone in the audience was both laughing and enjoying the movie at the same time. I think this is going to be the blue-print on follow up movies - whether it be team-up or not-is going to be hard to top this movie as far as I'm concern. I will probably going to be flake by saying this but I don't think TDKR will top the box office take of both Deathly Hallow Part 2 or The Avengers on opening night. Believe what you want and I'm not trying to diss on Nolan Batman because those movie is in another category itself that has nothing to do with the DC Universe except the characters and it's Nolan own vision and I respect that vision. THIS is what I want to watch when I go see an action pack movie...just seeing the HeliCarrier on screen was just pure epicness-although I don't know if there is word that transcend epicness but I digress. I hope Marvel and Disney does the right thing and retain Whedon just like DC/WB did with Nolan in maintaining a consistency. I felt also that Mark Ruffalo ease my uneasiness with the character of Bruce since reflecting back on it, I don't know if I was the only one who noticed, but I felt he was channeling Bill Bixy(sp?) David Banner from his 70's TV Show in that he play the character with humility and caution in that he didn't want to hurt anyone else that was near him..whether it be ally or friend. I would be willing to watch this 2 or 3x.

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