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There was a discussion a page back about how this movie will be the new benchmark for superhero ambitions, and I think that's almost ironclad. The reviews are astounding, the opening was incredible, and the general reaction is really positive. I'm acknowledging that even though the Avengers might end up flagging where I part ways with the superhero movie because I'm not the audience for them anymore. I didn't think much of the movie, but everybody else did. Most of the film felt like a high profile Power Rangers feature. I'm not engaged by this version of superhero comic books, but there's no more question - this is the popular version of superhero comics. There is no indication that this isn't the new benchmark. Its reviews are unprecedented, its box office is unprecedented, and likely its reception will be unprecedented. Audiences, critics and money have spoken, and I can't imagine why everybody won't listen in the future.

Those of us who shrugged our shoulders and started fidgeting in our seats should accept that we're no longer the audience. We are the odd guys and gals out. Avengers has achieved something as close to universal approval as possible, and I won't be surprised if future properties try to follow this model. I just hope a few superhero adaptions will still come down the line that will interest people like me.
So you are saying the benchmark has been lowered? Interesting. I think you may be right from a standpoint of what studios are going to try and do, but from a quality standpoint, I think people are still going to expect more. The Dark Knight was, and still is (for now), the highest grossing superhero film of all-time. I think there is a reason for that.
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