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Am I the only person who thinks X-Men: First Class should be thought of as the "benchmark"? I don't read comics so I really don't have allegiances towards one company or the other, but First Class was probably my favorite comic movie of all time, followed by Avengers and TDK which are effectively tied.
Depends on what you mean. When people talk about these movies, sometimes it's purely about enjoyment. But a lot of times, accuracy is a factor, which is why many X-Men fans would argue that X2 is better than First Class: it was a much more faithful adaptation, and still a pretty solid movie.

I don't think TDK should be compared to these movies. I find it has more in common with normal crime dramas than Superhero movies.

Being a comic book guy, my biases are too strong to declare a benchmark. But I think most people would agree that First Class is in the uper echelon of comic book/superhero movies.

For a pure enjoyment standpoint, I liked several comic book movies more than TDK. I think First Class and Avengers are both better, and I liked Spiderman 2 more (but again, that's bias creeping in... at one point when I was a kid, I collected 4 different Spiderman monthly comic books)
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