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Yes because the audience was so mature for booing non stop through every comedian that went on stage. Get over it, philly fans are notorious assholes, not just at comedy shows but sports venues as well.
True that. Philly fans are the worst and most passionate. Best and worst of both ends. This is the town where the guy threw up on the fan. Thelist goes on.

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Some are. But then again, that could probably be true of any city.

Maybe the audience was immature, but instead of being the better person, he chooses to stoop to the audiences low? Is that really the answer? And he became an even bigger asshole for his generalizations.
Actually, he was the third guy on and the third guy who was booed endlessly. This was part of a traveling show and they did not have any issues like this before or after the Philly show. Philly people are just a bunch of hardasses at things like this. Mob mentally.

What he did was strike back at the hecklers like what has been done in comedy clubs for generations. Every word he said was 100% true. Philly's best sports hero is Rocky. Philly is a racist city. Ect. I live here. I know.

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If every single comic had been booed then I would have had more respect for him if instead of his vulgar insulting rant, he would have gone on stage, give the audience the finger and left. That would have been better IMO.
Every one was up to that point and to most afterward. It was just a shameful act that night. Widely described when it had ocurred. They got what they deserved. I laughed then and I laugh now. Sorry Buddy, but Philly is a shitty town. Worst airport in the country and I have been to a fuck of a lot of them.
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