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The more I think of it, the more I think he has a shot: Joss Whedon, oscar nomination for best director?

Best movie I know the Academy won't go for, but best director? Come on, everybody has to recognize that he had such a difficult task ahead of himself, and he just delivers. Even more than we were expecting, and we were definitively expecting much of him.

Who agrees?
He's got my vote. Everything was orchestrated perfectly.

One particular shot that I loved...

It took me more than one viewing to notice that SUPERB "one shot" Whedon pulled off during the battle. The camera never breaks as we check in on each Avenger! It starts with the Widow riding the alien then goes to Iron Man as he picks off those on her tail then Tony goes to ground. He teams with Cap for a quick blast off Cap's shield then the camera follows him up to Hawkeye. Clint fires an arrow that we follow in to an alien. That alien crashes in to a leviathon that Thor and Hulk team up to take down. All "one shot" and as cool as anything I've ever seen.
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