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Posting here will be iffy since I really don't want to know a thing about Halo 4 until I get it in my hands. I plan on being out at sea working when it comes out but when it returns I want to pick it up at the store and seeing the box for the first time, not knowing a thing is what I want.

This is picky but here's what I want
secondary fire modes (ie BMR can have 1 or 3 shot bursts)
weapon attachments (like the pistol in the debut trailer)
better commendation awards (in reach, reaching a new commendation level only gave you more credits which was pointless because leveling up takes forever.)

not much more than that, that and I have this perfect box art image in my head that I know won't ever be it.

bring it, I'm playing all the games over again for the story, post me if you want to co-op except note that my connection overseas may not make it.
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