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No way this should be nominated for Best Picture or Best Director when a superior comic book film in 2008 was not even considered over shit like The Reader...fuck no. But maybe now since theres 10 best movie of the year nominees we might this this on the list.
The reason I wouldn't nominate it is because it's essentially a gimmicky popcorn comic book movie. It's no doubt the greatest popcorn comic book movie ever made, but it doesn't contain a great deal of substance to it. It's just a really fun well made gimmick. I feel like there was never an overwhelming amount of urgency that demanded that these characters be placed in a film together. Don't get me wrong, it's a really cool idea, but what does a film like Avengers do to advance the story of each indivdual character that an individual character film couldn't do?

I suppose if you're an exec at Marvel it obviously makes a ton of sense from a business standpoint; combine your beloved comic characters into one film to increase excitement and ticket sales. It worked in the comics, so why not in a film? However, just because you pull off a balancing act like Avengers doesn't necessarily entitle the film to an oscar.

Each character in the film gets a chance to shine a little bit, but the fact of the matter is that when you're busy juggling that many characters in a film their individual development is sacrificed a bit. It's not a really big drawback for the film, but I personally believe that oscar nominated films should have some really fleshed out characters and exceptional character development, (not just good development). The Avengers probably achieved its maximum capacity for character development in a film with an abundance of heroes in it, but that's not really oscar worthy.

I guess the point is that a film like Avengers doesn't have to be loaded with substance, but I personally don't feel films like it should be nominated for an oscar despite the fact that Whedon pulled off quite a feat with the assembly of the film. It's the best Marvel film ever made, but that doesn't really scream oscar to me. However, by no means do I think a film has to be overly self-serious to merit an oscar.
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