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Well I agree with pshycheoutsteve on this one. But I think what the Academy should do is create a new category all together, something like "Best Cinematic Event"? I dunno, I'm not completely sober but something along those lines where Avengers would be a shoe-in for as a nominee (I'm still placing bets on TDKR).

So i just came back from it and it met my ridiculously high expectations. Everything pretty much just worked. It was hilarious, some of the best one liners from Tony Stark, though I think everyone gets good solid laughs out and that was key I think, spreading the humor almost equally across the board. The Hulk, like everyone's been saying, is the star of the show towards the end. The graphics were beyond incredible and the 3D really amplified the experience.

Got a question though:

what the fuck was Black Widow on about when she was talking about the "ledger"?

I'm probably going to see it one more time at the cinemas.

And that's that. 9/10
She's killed a lot of people and wanted to make up for it by doing good. Red in my ledger, meaning blood.
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