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Great review soda. I want to see The Dark Knight again before comparing the two, but to me it seems like where Dark Knight was constructing each scene just to get to an action piece, with very little character development, The Avengers did the same but with humor. Lots of dialogue or scenes occurred just to get to a great punch line. Best example being

The Hulk storming toward Loki who cuts him off and starts talking down to him in God mode, only to make way for one of the Hulk's best and most hilarious moments. In my theater the audience erupted so much after that scene that I didn't even hear him say "Puny God"

The action in the case of the Avengers, in my first impression, felt really natural. Every action set piece really felt right and made the whole film flow and be paced so well. It gets big points for that. (Funnily enough, what there was of humor in TDK felt really natural too).

But you're right on the money when talking about Whedon's plots. I'm just about done with the Astonishing X-Men and the plot is really secondary to the character relationships, Emma's inner turmoil, Kitty's trepidation over Peter etc. The plot just looks and feels big enough for the X-Men (and then half of the Marvel universe it seems) to get involved in....planets destroying other planets will do that. And Gods wanting to enslave mankind will do that too in the case of The Avengers here.

But are we not entertained? Hell yes we are. Concentrating too much on plot for a comic book movie will certainly make a harsh critic out of you.

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"Loki's mind is a box of cats."
He really had some of the best lines, Stark is the only that one-ups him I think. "What does he want me to do? Swallow it?" I think is my favorite from Banner

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