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Jacky Wu

This section of Joblo is deader than my 186 yo great-great-grandfather and if i like to check out cute actress , i'll read the Hottie pics, pics and pics!! topic . I thought i'd bring an unknown male in the fold. Well , unknown by the north american standard ... he is well-known in Asia.

Actually , never heard of him until 2 weeks ago when i rented Legendary Assassin on a hunch ( aka the cover looked cool )

The movie was ok. Sometime funny and sometime dramatic with really really good kungfu action ( the 1vs100 guy ending was kinda cheezy tho). English translation of asian movie title always make it sound like a cheap Z-movie ( Kill Zone , Fatal Move , Blast City , etc ) but it was actually well-made and pretty entertaining.

Anyway , my point is that with all the well-known asian star in america ( Jackie Chan , Jet Li , Donnie Yen ) getting older and older , who is gonna be next ? I read somewhere that Jet Li is retired and the last good Jackie Chan movie was 10 years ago ( Shaolin was good but Chan only has a support role in it). Donnie Yen is still going strong but for how long ?

So i was wondering WHO'S NEXT ? I would put 1$ on Jacky Wu ( aka Wu Jing ). The guy is relatively new with 24 credited role on IMDB which mostly no one saw around here but i got interested after Legendary Assassin.

don't tell me this doesn't look cool

The guy did play in The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor but he is credited as ASSASSIN which means he's more like an extra with a mask than an actual role. I didn't notice him.

OMG it's hard to find cool pictures of him in action ... i blame America !!!!1!1! lol

Talk to my hand Donnie Yen !

so YAY or NAY .... the next asian action star to come to america ?

the best video of him i could find on Youtube is ... not excellent but at least you get to see him in action

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