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With all the shit that has come out over the past few days that irrefutably has Travolta on the other side of the country when this event supposedly took place, it sounds like we have another case of Esterhaus vs. Gibson... what I mean is:

Esterhaus knows Gibson is known to be a rage filled anti Semite (due to one drunken event)... Esterhaus gets pissed at Gibson, he takes the public perception of Gibson and uses it against him by fabricating events that the public wouldnt have to stretch to believe!

Int his case: there are a ton of rumors that Travolta is gay, so lets make a lawsuit claiming he tried to do some gay stuff with me, and the public will believe it because of some public perception!

And if Travolta is gay (not that he is a rapist sicko as is what this case alleges) but if he is gay, he has one of the hottest Beards I have ever seen! (Kelly Preston is smokin hot)
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