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Wonderful write up, but I don't feel the plot talks down to the audience at all. It is secondary to the characters, humor, and action? Yes, it is. no doubt about it. That is exactly the point of the movie imo. I'm not saying Whedon shouldn't try to write a stronger plot, but I didn't feel the lack of a complex plot hindered the purpose of the film at all. Imo, I feel if Whedon tried to weave a complex plot together on top of establishing all of our characters the movie would have imploded on itself. I think Whedon knew this, and did the right thing. He focused on the character moments. The plot was the Mcguffin to get the heroes together and to achieve it's goal of doing that realistically and entertainingly.
I'd have to agree and even say that a clean plot is NOT a weak plot. There's nothing secondary about it. A good plot doesn't meander and doesn't throw in concepts or themes just for the sake of fooling the audience or in a vain attempt to seem clever. I'm so glad Avengers didn't fall in to that trap but with Whedon in charge, I knew that it wouldn't. It's exactly the plot, pace and structure this film needed. Every action is justified and every concept is smart and makes sense for the universe and the rules that they establish.

I feel any plot critique here is like a person critiquing a great meal not because it didn't taste good or wasn't satisfying but because there wasn't enough spices or ingredients used in the recipes. Whedon validates his master chef status so to speak and I don't care if he used saffron or turmeric. The results more than speak for itself.
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