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I am really happy it's making shitloads of cash.
It's one of the first movies that I actually think is worthy of the praise and box office success it's getting. There are others which made over a billion bucks that aren't bad, but aren't as worthy of it as THE AVENGERS. I hope it beats out all the TRANSFORMERS shitfests (which it will do), HARRY POTTERs, SHREKS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEANs, ALICE and destroying the STAR WARS prequels would be fucking awesome. It's just too bad that the top two spots will still be occupied by James Cameron's worst two movies.
This being a success makes up a little bit for all those times I think OTHER movies deserved more praise and never got it, and at the same time helps the sting of all the horrible fucking movies that makes tons of cash feel a little less insulting.

Also, I'm a big fan of Joss Whedon. So glad he finally got his "break" in the movie business, where the general audience will get to appreciate his superpower ability to write amazing dialog, as well as bring good action and adventure to a movie that only needs a slight amount of drama. Maybe it will make people look back on his past shit like FIREFLY/SERENITY and the BUFFY series (which I refused to watch until a few years ago; and so glad I did). As well as DR. HORRIBLE. Also Whedon's a big comic book geek, so this is basically a fanboy love letter to the Marvel's Avengers. It helps that he knows what he's doing.

Even more important, though, is that it's a good movie. It delivers in areas it intends to and still doesn't piss the audience off by being over-dumb because they believe the audience won't understand unless everything is explained to you. It's not a "smart" movie per se; in fact the storyline is one of the most generic and predictable ones out there... but that doesn't matter because it's not TRYING to be anything more than what it is. Kudos for that.
Even better is that the plot is serviceable, and not OVER-complicated. That's better than making things more convoluted as a means to make something simple appear to be more complex.

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