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In Civil Wars , Wolverine gets blown up while attempting to apprehend Nitro .... only his adamantium skeleton remains yet 10 panels later he is back in full strenght. I think Hulk would have some company

Yeah I remember that in Civil War. Said that his brain was encased in his adamantium skull and in one piece and he regenerated from that.

Hulk:The End was released before Civil War, so maybe pre-Civil War Wolverine would have died somehow, but like you said post-Civil War Wolverine might have survived.

The robot that was recording the end of humanity said that Banner was the last one left alive. This was also 200 years later. Wolverine's age, plus the fact that his healing factor would have to be running at 110% to keep him alive during all of the high radiation probably would have killed him. The Hulk just absorbed the radiation.
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