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Once again, stellar review bro. Always a joy to read you guys take on stuff.

Iīd like to comment on the evolution in the mute girls violence in MS.45 for a sec, since I think itīs pretty plausible. In her isolated world, men werenīt a thread before she got raped, they were just kind of there. Sure, her boss seems to have some advances for her but I donīt think she really noticed. Then, after being assaulted she starts taking for granted that anything from a men to a woman (like that kiss of the asian guy) is something very bad. She couldnīt make the difference between regular relationships and rape. And naturally she always sees the woman in the role of the victim. I didnīt "root" for her when she started killing all these people (although the final scene at her employerīs party is a close call because itīs so awsomely staged) but it didnīt really surprise of bother me much in terms of the characterīs evolution. Itīs sorta like in Polanskiīs "Repulsion" but with a different outset for the main character.
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