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Haha, bringing Avatar into the conversation. I think that's a little insulting to The Avengers.

Reason being that to me, Avatar exuded extremely bad writing with forced exposition; laughably horrendous dialog; the attitude that the audience is too dumb to even assume the obvious; a storyline that's not only simplistic but has the air of superiority and pretentiousness which forces you to either laugh and be angry or to take it at the level of seriousness it begs for. The worst part is that it is so badly done I can't even enjoy it at a superficial level.

The Avengers on the other hand - IMO - has an attitude that's about having fun and isn't TRYING to send any kind of message our way. There's no theme of "let's save our environment/military is evil/corporations are evil and lie/save the minority groups/I demand for my underlying messages to be taken seriously and understood!!!!!!"
That is exactly right. Avatar is a pretentious joke that literally is laughably bad. Avengers positively pulses with panache, wit and excitement and is exactly as smart as it needs and wants to be.

I know it's all conjecture and hypothetical at this point but if you would have released both Avengers and Avatar without 3D or IMAX Avatar wouldn't even have broken $200 million domestic. The Avatar that is showing on TV right this minute would have fizzled fast, guaranteed. Avengers wouldn't have had a $200 million opening weekend with 2D prices but would still have been epically big. Honestly, Avatar was a gimmick film that was visually stunning but, outside of the lame-brain hippie culture, didn't resonate past the level of being mocked. Avengers works all on its own.
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