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Yeah, Avatar was unoriginal but the guy that does a film with superheroes that have been around for 70 years is somehow giving us something original. Avengers must have been really hard film to write. Hey guys, I need another line, bring be a stack of comic books and lets see what we can find. Must be nice when you don't have to come up with an original idea. A few one liners and the Hulk smashing stuff and the fanboys will proclaim it a masterpiece of cinema.

Nothing about Avengers was any better than Avatar, not the acting, not the plot and not the dialogue. One thing we know for sure is that Avatar had the better special effects.

There's a reason Avatar made 2.8 billion dollars and Avengers won't come close to topping it.
If that's the case, then every Superhero film should be perfect then if they're all written that way. Avengers had a lot of potential to fail before Whedon came along.

And considering box office wise. Avengers can come close to beating Titanic or Avatar. In two days, it will beat the $400 million barrier in the US and for the next two upcoming weeks, it has to worry about Battleship and MiB3 slowing it down? Yeah, all right.

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