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It would have taken a complete moron to screw it up given that everything was already there due to the individual movies. Had this been the first time we were seeing these characters on screen, I'd agree with you.

Whedon took established characters and brought them together. Cameron did infinitely more work by establishing an entire new world and then filling it with his own creations.
Really? Because his entire new world reminded me a hell of a lot of Fern Gully... (joke)

I'm all about story. Avatar did not have one that was original and Avengers didn't either but at least it succeeded in bringing all these superheros together in a satisfying way. And just to let you know, there are a lot of morons in Hollywood so The Avengers easily could've failed. I have no doubt in my mind if one of the directors from the individual films stepped up to direct this, it wouldn't have been nowhere near as good as Whedon's version.

I love Cameron's films before Titanic, to me he just seems like he's all about the money and nothing else. I mean, he recently just dumped all these other projects he was getting the fans excited for just to stick in the "Avatar" business.
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