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I'm all about story. Avatar did not have one that was original and Avengers didn't either but at least it succeeded in bringing all these superheros together in a satisfying way.
You're giving Avengers a pass for a weak, unoriginal plot because all people wanted to see were the Avengers doing their thing. So why is it that Avatar needs to be held to a higher standard instead of just being a showcase for the unique world that Cameron created?

Cameron created a new world and filled it with creatures, animals, plants and other things that we had never seen before. He also developed new technology to film it in a way that had never been done, resulting in the best visuals ever seen on screen.

Whedon took characters that had been around for 70 years and had been recently portrayed on screen and put them in the same movie. The studio then converted it to 3D for obvious reasons.

Any criticism made about Avatar is even more true for Avengers.
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