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[/B]UOTE=HannibalGuy;3553752]The Stendhal Syndrome is one of my favorite Argento flicks. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say it's the last really great thing he's done. It tends to get a lot of crap thrown it's way but I never got why.[/QUOTE]

Thereīs definitely a decline after Stendhal Syndrome although I enjoy Phantom of the Opera and Sleepless quite a bit. I absolutely loathed Stendhal Syndrome on my first viewing, I even called it one of the worst movies ever at one point (mind you, I was around 19 at that time) but it has grown a lot on me since. Itīs properbly his most mature work on an intellectual level, itīs way more serious and realistic than his usual, more escapist style. A lot of people just ainīt looking for that sort of thing so thatīs wy the bad rep I guess. To each his own but Iīm pretty stunned how anyone could still call his work mysgonistic after that film.
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