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Halo 4 Limited Edition announced = $99

Microsoft revealed Halo 4's Limited Edition today, and there's not a cat helmet to be found. Instead, the $100 package gets you a fancy box, a "UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet," and a host of in-game bonuses, expanding the multiplayer experience.

The LE includes the "War Games Map Pack," a voucher for "three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations, available for download post-launch on Xbox Live." It also includes early access to six multiplayer Specializations, which will only be released at launch in this package; they'll be "released over time" to the general audience.

Other digital bonuses include an exclusive armor and weapon skin, an in-game emblem, and an Avatar prop. The LE also includes an "extended 90-minute version" of the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn video series, extra featurettes, and making-of videos.
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