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Simple movie in three acts about three boys who acquire telekinetic powers.

Act 1: Predictable setup to future events; the abused kid with an abusive father and constantly bullied, matched up with a super popular and kinda popular guy once they get their abilities. It's just like, why does the bullied kid not just have a) an abusive father, but ALSO b) mean drug dealer types as neighbors that bully him, c) abusive bullies at school AND he d) gets made fun of by everyone throughout the whole fucking movie? Yes, there are people bullied like this in real life, but for the movie's sake it was rather droll and seriously got old REAL quick. I know also that we're supposed to hope for retribution over the abusive folks - especially the evil father - but I think they just took that whole "bullied" theme from a few too many angles.

Act 2: Fun and games and stupid pranks. At this point I'm starting to really lose interest, since this is all fluff and gumdrops before the obvious "dark side" of these powers takes effect.

Act 3: I say skip after the first 20 minutes and head to the final 20 minutes.
I didn't think it was going to go so far in the direction it went. I won't spoil anything, but it was certainly... well a bit of a surprise.
I don't get how Andrew spends all night crashing through buildings, brick walls and gets shot at from many angles and then shuts down his mental shield as he breaks down at the perfect moment for Matt to spear his ass. Too convenient in my eyes. I know, yes, Andrew was crying out in the ultimate wail of despair and he briefly let his guard down, but I didn't buy that. Oh well, gotta end it some way, right?

Also, I hate "found footage" style movies. That got on my nerves while watching this, too, but there are a few clever turns of perspective both in front of and behind the camera that was interesting.
But then in the last act I started losing grip on THIS as well, because there was footage taken from countless sources, making me wonder in my stupid brain (when you aren't supposed to) who the fuck edited all this shit, and how did it go from a personal story about a down-and-out teenager filming his life all the way to "found footage" from people and places that have no relevance to the movie's starting point?

Oh well, I digress... if you know what you're getting into I would say it's worth watching.

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