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What's the big deal, provided everyone is a consenting adult? If two siblings/cousins want to get it on, why should it be anyone else's business? It's kind of stunning to me that people can go to prison for that.

I know there's the arguments regarding parents and kids but that's why there are other laws to handle that since it's at least pedophilia and statutory rape.

IMO, there's no difference between the right for siblings/cousins to get married and the right for gay marriage (and the right for heterosexual marriage). All should be legal regardless of societal taboos. And for that matter, laws sending people to prison for consensual incest should be eliminated.
You have a hot cousin you'd like to bang. Admit it.

As for the whole gay marriage issue, I think if you are against it and will vote against it and will post a status update about how you are against it, then you have way too much fucking time on your hands and no imagination. There's so many more things to worry over than two dudes getting married. It's really silly to think there are people who think about how evil it is on a daily basis.