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Maybe? never now how much these hollywood stars pay for drugs. So in many cases they owe lots of money , when the dealer doesn't pay the supplier someone has to die. Mexican cartels don't play around , and LA is full of them.

But I mean, the degrees of separation would still have to be pretty low before blood would satisfy money loss. The dealer could go after Stahl, but he still wouldn't be able to pay the cartel. I really doubt Stahl was that close, unless he was dealing himself.

According to EW, he's contacted friends via Facebook -

I was hoping this was the case, that he's just checking in. They seldom allow you to contact loved ones. I would think if it was something violent, there would have been a bigger trail somewhere. At least friends would have noted how deep he was in and voiced concern. It all seemed more like a "Where's Nick" kind of thing.

That's be cool as fuck if the guy turned himself around. I've never followed him that closely. Bully is really the thing I know him most from since Sin City, he didn't leave an impression on me and T3, I pretend never happened. It just seems like you don't hear many accounts of dudes in that position getting their act together (probably lots of examples though - RDJ, I guess, but seems different somehow…)
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