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TDKR is also giving me spidey3 vibes. Midget Bane from south america but has an english accent is Venom. Cat Women is Sand Man, just an un-necessary character. Ras is Green Goblin, the guy that keeps showing up but doesn't really do anything interesting.

Regarding Bane: If you've seen the first two movies in Nolan's trilogy then you should be aware of how he depicts the villains in his movies. I think his approach on Bane will work just fine. He doesn't need to be a ridiculously oversized behemoth to be threatening and strong.

Regarding Catwoman: She's always been an integral part of the Batman universe and to call her unnecessary is ridiculous, especially in the context of TDKR. The trailers have pretty much confirmed that she symbolizes the angst of the middle and lower classes in the film and that she'll add a layer of complexity to it all by playing the middle ground between Batman and Bane. She's the gray area between the idelogies of the hero and villain.

Regarding Ra's: He'll probably only show up in a flashback for a quick scene or two. You say he didn't do anything interesting? What about mentoring and guiding Bruce Wayne? What about his plan to destroy Gotham through fear?

Regarding Spidey 3: The main reason Spidey 3 didn't work was because the main plot and the various subplots had no flow whatsoever, it was complete chaos. I could see they were going for a meditation on revenge and forgiveness, but they just couldn't balance the various arcs and characters to make it work. Also, there was no respect for the character of Eddie Brock/Venom concerning his treatment in the film. Nolan may change the appearance of the Batman villains from the comics, but he manages to keep their essence intact in his films. I can't say the same for Venom in Spidey 3.

Anyways, to get back on topic, I really enjoyed the Avengers, but as a Batman fan I have to say that I'm annoyed that some people are using its tremendous success to make claims that suggest Batman won't be nearly as good or enjoyable.
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