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Red Road

Fish Tank was such a wonderful little surprise, yet I probably wouldn’t have given Andrea Arnold’s debut feature a second look so soon had it not been for one of Kate Dickie’s Game of Thrones co-stars recommending it on one of the commentary tracks (I think it was Dinklage, and props to him if it was). Dickie is wonderful here in her BAFTA-winning role of a CCTV operator who suddenly finds herself stalking one of her subjects (Tony Curran) at every turn for some obvious past transgression. At a certain point her reasons do become clear (and my first guess was wrong, as it turned out), but to begin with, Arnold never pushes the point until she’s damn good and ready. A lot of Dickie’s performance is unspoken, and it’s interesting to watch her expressions change as she becomes more and more emotionally volatile and obsessed with confronting this guy about their unfinished business. There’s also something ominously Orwellian about how easy it is for Dickie to follow her target through an entire city with the twist of a stick and touch of a button, which gives the film an eerie undertone as well, at least until the voyeurism theme is more or less abandoned by the end.

-> 8/10