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The problem is the character himself. Which is why theyve changed him so much for this.
You and I have had many differences over the years, and Superman might be the #1 one. So, I won't rehash those arguments here. Here is what I will say:

If WB is motivated to get off its ass and do the right thing by its properties in the wake of the Avengers making ungodly amounts of $$$, that's all the better. However, I think there's a better approach. Instead of making a Justice League movie per se (which would be expensive and unpredictable) go the safe route, at first, and make a movie where A) everyone knows the characters and B) you can use as a trial balloon for expanding the DCU on film. Make a movie simply called "Trinity", that's all you need, and for a poster, go with this:

And for a movie logo, go with:

Problem solved. Such a film would avoid overcrowding characters, because there are only three main ones. It would have built in, what the Avengers did in that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are three radically different people with different points of view. It also takes advantage of three of the most famous properties in the known universe, puts them in the same movie, and just lets the hype build. Tell me you wouldn't be down for

See? That's just the thing, Superman doesn't look quite so "Super" in that image above, because nobody looks super when you have a horde of immortal parademons swarming around you trying to destroy you, and they all obey their evil master, Darkseid. A movie like this writes itself, no problem, and would easily be the biggest box office taker of all time, done properly.
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