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Old 05-23-2012, 06:55 AM
I'm going to be an asshole and spout out my thoughts on celebrities' personalities and how others give a shit.

A celebrity is an entertainer first, and I-don't-care-what second (as long as no one is being killed or hurt in the process).
Why do people feel a need to follow what these people do in their personal lives? What does their personality matter in the long run?
Should we care that they are good - or bad - people? In what way does their actual personality matter if their performance on screen/stage/radio/whatever provides what you hoped for?

In any job, from any place, there are good people and bad. There are raving lunatics and well-adjusted individuals. Just because they are a celebrity, somehow it matters more to us than it does any other time.

Also, if they do what they do because they like it, and then become successful, is it really their responsibility to cater to the needs and desires of the fans who follow him/her?
What if they are a private person that does it because they love the job and want to make a decent living? Maybe they hate their personal lives being invaded, and don't like the idea of others thinking they somehow earned the RIGHT to invade their privacy, get an autograph, stalk them or whatever else comes their way due to being a celebrity.

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