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The second half is brutally inspired stuff thatís as relentless as it is strangely mesmerizing in its depth of creative cruelty. Iíd like to say itís unmatched in that regard, but it is a French sadist thriller in the vein of Haute Tension and Martyrs, so I couldnít really say. I guess itís a wash. But itís just too bad the first half is so uneven and awkward, where it feels like the filmmakers were stumbling through their paces trying to figure out what kind of movie they wanted to make. So before it accepts its destined role as the ďFrench Chainsaw MassacreĒ and cranks the intensity full blast, director Xavier Gens makes some half-assed attempts at Bush-era political commentary and introduces a group of characters who I couldnít care less about, aside from Karina Testa as the beautiful, formidable and unfortunately for her, pregnant, Yasmin. Once a few bodies drop and the neo-Nazis come out to play, it doesnít let up on suspense or gory surprises, so it makes up for most of its early deficiencies.

-> 7/10