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Crowds will see posters and trailers with huge robots fighting monsters, I think it'll get asses in seats.
I hope your right because it seems like concepts like this either work (Transformers) or fail (Battleship, Skyline).

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Did "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" have "popular faces" when it banked 300+ mil ? It's not all about the faces in the film, when did the content and the concept seized to matter? And you can mark my words it will make bank.
You're right, there are a few exceptions where popularity is unnecessary for a movie to become a successful. But there are plenty of other examples where the talent was present, but the audience just wasn't there. Del Toro has many fans, but enough to get the general audience is the question. Sometimes nonstop action happening on screen isn't enough to sell a film, once again, look at Battleship. So I think the studio is putting up a lot of money for something that may not do so well.

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Three words for you.

1. Joss
2. Whedon
3. Avengers
Three for you.

1. Robert Downey Jr.
2. Marvel/Disney
3. Team-up on an epic scale
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