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I loved the Hulk. Finally, they got the Hulk right!
Everybody praises the Hulk, but what made his appearance so great?

In my opinion what made the Hulk work this time is:
He finally is a hero instead of an outlaw on the run for the military. As much as The Incredible Hulk was supposed to be a reboot it, all it actually did was change the Hulk's origin a bit. Ang Lee's Hulk ended in South America and that's where Incredible started. Basically both movies had Hulk being hunted by the military and the military makes a bland enemy especially for two movies.
Hulk finally smashed. He was destroying stuff in Hulk and Incredible, but in Avengers he stomped a giant spaceship to the ground. That is smashing! The way he handled the Chitauri was brutal and of course his pummeling of Loki is already legendary.
And for the first time Bruce Banner was an intriguing character. From the way he talked about the Hulk (the other guy) to the revelations that the Hulk might be immortal and that Banner was able to control his Hulk-outs and the Hulk himself.

I think Hulk works great as a supporting character in a movie, but I just don't see him as a main character. Especially since movie Banner tries to Hulk out as little as possible and comic Hulk is usually just the Hulk. Hulk walking in the dessert and encounters aliens who try to take over the world. Those plots are so outlandish it doesn't work in a movie.
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