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I definitely enjoyed MIB3 more than the second one. It was a lot of fun, has a great turn by Josh Brolin as the younger K, and a bit of a surprise twist at the end that I didn't see coming and I thought it was a nice touch. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are still great together and have good chemistry, and in turn so do Smith and Brolin. The story is a lot of fun with J having to time travel back to try and save K from assassination. The subplot involving J & K's partnership and relationship continues and is that much more fun with the time travel storyline. My one issue with the movie is that the villain isn't that spectacular. He's basically a one-note character that is very strong, can shoot sharp things out of his hand, and repeats what apparently is his personal one-liner too many times. The movie and story belong to J & K and they were enough to make the movie enjoyable.

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