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Saw it and liked it. Didn't go in expecting to leave with a changed life... and enjoyed the hell out of this movie. For those who haven't seen it worried about Tommy Lee's lack of screen time (probably a little more than 20 minutes), Josh Brolin is so convincing as him, that you really don't even think about it. I was kind of bummed at...

no Tony Shalhoub cameo, and no real appearance by Frank the Pug other than what I think was a picture of him in J's room.

Probably didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first, but still dug the hell out of it. 8/10

Extra Non Movie Related Note (well kinda movie related but not really): I know he hasn't made music in a while... but I was highly disappointed that, though I didn't think it would be there. Hate all you want but it was signature of the first two!!!!

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