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Monkeys and apes pulling wings off flies could be explained as curiosity of the concept of flight. It might not necessarily be intended to inflict pain or suffering.

The perception some have of predators toying with prey seems rather unscientific. Part of what makes a successful predator is cautiousness. This could be to wait for the right timing to prevent being bitten, and, or to tire out a prey to curtail the chance of them biting. Young predators will undoubtedly start off as novices, and what might look as prolonged is simply a novice doing their damndest.

People tend to project their mindset and their association with something, for example, some will inaccurately interpret all squeals from a pig as a sound of panic.

Perhaps other species can be as cruel as us. Perhaps. That kind of cruelty, that shit don't fly, I can't imagine an instance when it does. No exceptions.

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