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You mean the replica design of the Feast DVD coverart?

I'm shocked you even remotely enjoyed this turd Duke!!!! But atleast you don't feel as cheated as I did with time wasted.
Is the DVD cover art a replica of "Feast"? Didn't know, haven't seen it. But it still a much better cover. I Hate lazy theatrical posters and DVD covers.

Yeah, I saw a little more in it than others (after initially being so hard on it around its release last year). It's the old-school feel that partially reels me in, but it's still nothing special. There are a lot overrated/underrated movies discussed on this board that I disagree with and haven't bothered posting about. In turn, one overrated movie I have slammed in the past is Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects." I don't know what it is that the rest of you see in it, but I would rather watch "Creature" ten times in a row than that monstrousity. Okay, maybe five times. Creature still has its problems.
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