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Most actors I've met were interesting people who happened to have a pretty cool job and were well aware of how lucky they were. On the other hand, one or two spring to mind as complete and utter fucktards.

My personal Hall of Shame:

- The late Anne Bancroft. I worked on a movie set (one of her last) where she was one of the supporting actors. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was informed that if anyone south of the director, makeup artist or lead actor looked at, talked to, or even breathed on her, they were immediately thrown off the set. The PA's were told to tell everyone this on the hour, every hour. Finally someone said, "Why should we give a flying fuck about the has-been?"

- Willem Dafoe. I interviewed him for John Carter and he clearly did not want to talk about the movie or his character. I heard he did the same thing to Jon Stewart so I should consider myself in good company.
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