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Friday The 13th-10/10
Friday The 13th 2-7/10
Friday The 13th 3-7/10
Friday The 13th 4-8/10
Friday The 13th 5 6/10
Friday The 13th 6 9/10
Friday The 13th 7 8/10
Friday The 13th 8 8/10
Friday The 13th Jason Goes To Hell-9/10
Jason X-0/10

Halloween II-6/10
Halloween III-2/10
Halloween IV-5/10
Halloween V-6/10
Halloween VI-5/10
Halloween H20-6/10
Halloween Resurrection-2/10

Nightmare On Elm St. 1 10/10
Nightmare On Elm St. 2 8/10
Nightmare On Elm St. 3 7/10
Nightmare On Elm St. 4 6/10
Nightmare On Elm St. 5 4/10
Nightmare On Elm St. 6 7/10
New Nightmare 4/10

I like how fucking stupid and annoying these characters are made out to be making it that much more enjoyable when they get killed in these movies. Maybe that makes me a sick person. That's fine, I don't care.
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