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Oh l was reading your post and l feel so sorry about what happened in your breakup and it is true we can fall in love and we think we will be with that person forever but sometimes we need a break and like she said she wanted to look at other things in her life

You are young still and you might even get her back if you let her experiece things but you might not too

i think everyone has broken up with a person and it is heart breaking
I hate it when a person will not talk to you personally and use the computer to send a email and end it that way
At least she didnt do that

Well that is a true qestion women dont break up if they are happy with there bloke

Sometimes we break up because we are not getting enough love and affection or that person just doesnt come across as what we wanted in the first place

it can be many reasons not spending enough time together or you might be spendnig to much too

You also say about moving on from someone you love but it is hard to do that too

But it takes a while to realize that person is not interested anymore

I dont think she is a bullshit artist at least she had the guts to talk about things sometimes people will not give a reason for wanting to leave a relationship

I felt so sad when you posted how you felt and l can tell you it is hard but if you take abit of time you will move on but dont expect to get over it in one night

Go out with freinds you dont have to date just yet just enjoy life
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