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Reportedly Obama had a dinner with George Will and a bunch of other people from the conservative intelligentsia right before becoming President and he claimed to be a Burkean, which they laughed at him for.

I submit to you that if you look at his track record he is rather unambiguously a Burkean. Of course, this doesn't make him a conservative in the American sense, since, say, claiming you can tear down Iraq and build a new country from the ground up based on American values is pretty much the quintessential anti-Burkean position.

But, let's consider the way he is a Burkean: He clearly sees the individual as encumbered and prone to irrationality, and he definitely believes in slow incremental change based upon existing historical forces. For example, his health care bill -- which, regardless of how a new healthcare law tilted ideologically, it was no doubt economically necessary -- was based upon an incremental shift using a previous Republican plan. His military maneuvers have also been slow and steady, using the previous historical blue print as a means of slowly moving in a desired direction.

Well, whatever: we can go on and on with this but I suppose my point was made.