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But one important update: She contacted me yesterday via text and we talked for a bit. After a few messages, she expressed interest in still going along with me to a movie I bought tickets for (that opens this weekend, you know the one) prior to us breaking up. Obviously she wants to go as friends to see if it works. Weighing out my options, I suggested we each bring a mutual friend along for the night out for support (just under the possibility that things may get awkward). As of now, she hasn't responded to that idea.
Don't be a sucker. Make her buy her own damn ticket and go with all her friends that she rather hang out with than with you. You can be friends with her when you move on and no longer want to date her. Otherwise, you are going to close yourself off to all others and pray she comes around and wants to go back out with you. You make yourself look like a loser and she is not going to respect a loser.

I sure hope that mutual friend was some other hot girl that you brought. Or if she brought a girl, you flirted with her. Women are jealous by nature.

But I would like to stand up for myself in regards to some of the responses. It is true that I am terrible at relationships and this was my first serious one, but I excell at almost every other aspect in my life. I'm physically in great condition, quite bright and have a high level of education in the engineering field, and I'm one of the most charismatic and funny individuals within my circle of friends. I also have a very strong and encouraging family--quite supportive and strong parents. I would say, after self reflection, that my lack of belief in loyalty when it comes to relationships lasting (I've been cheated on three times) is definitely amoung my biggest faults. Perhaps the biggest.
I have news for you. You did not have a serious relationship. You dated for a while and had sex. That is it. She was never serious and you can't call what you had serious if it is one sides.

I am not doubting you on what you sat abouy yourself, but you should explore why you have been cheated on so many times. Is it you or is it you have bad taste in women? If you are as great as you say, you should have no issues in finding new ladies to date. Now forget this chick and go date them
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