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Not just no, but fuck no.

I think most would call bullshit on Cape Fear as well.
I respect your opinion, but for me the F13 reboot was miles better than the new versions of HALLOWEEN & ELM STREET...the Clay/Whitney/Jenna trio saved that movie.

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I never saw the original Cape Fear but I HATED the remake. DeNiro was mildly entertaining but everyone else sucked. Lewis was the absolute worst!!
I watched the CAPE FEAR remake recently after several years & I thought DeNiro was so over-the-top and unlikable with no redeeming qualities at all, but Nolte underplaying it, Lange at her neurotic paranoid best and Juliette making her mark in an astounding Oscar-worthy role...yet again another trio who surprisingly shined while going up against the mighty Raging Bull! The movie was great up until the final act when they actually traveled to the title location. What a letdown!
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